How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Mobile Users

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Mobile Users
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Current Twitter data confirms that 80% of Twitter users are on mobile devices. They use Twitter during their commute to work, while they’re shopping and while they watch television.

Additionally, past data from Twitter shows that users who primarily access Twitter from a mobile device are 79% more likely to be on Twitter multiple times a day and are 44% more likely to click on links. This gives you more than enough reasons to make sure your Twitter presence is ready for mobile viewers.

#1: Extend Your Branding to Twitter
Use the same color scheme and logo design from your website on your Twitter profile.

When you do, you make it easier for your followers, prospects and customers to find and recognize you. Plus, they instantly know what content to expect from your profile.

For example, Qlik’s Twitter header is the same image they use on their website.

Use your current brand elements to create an easily recognized Twitter profile.

#2: Design Images Carefully
Both your header image and profile picture need to stand out on Twitter, so they’re recognizable on mobile.

You upload your header image at 1500 x 1500 pixels and your profile image at 400 x 400 pixels, but they’re automatically resized when Twitter is viewed on a mobile device. Be creative in those spaces, and focus on presenting your company brand as a whole, instead of just as a logo.

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